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Paint the Screen on Your Wall A projector screen is a good piece of equipment to have if you want to enhance your home theater experience. Although it is not the most glamorous, it serves its purpose. There are different kinds of projector screens, e.g., clear transparent projection screens, projection screens for glass windows, an rigid projection screens, but for the average user, not much is known about them. Projection screens are usually of these types: whiteboards, reflective screens, gray screens, and white screens. Below are some major characteristics of the common types of screens you will discover. This should help you decide on what is best for you. It is indeed a common practice of people to project images on blank walls, but the result is often of poor quality.
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Projection screens come with certain specifications. How applicable they are depend on how the projector and screen will be used.
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It is helpful to understand the concept of contrast in the use of a projector screen. The most effective and most flexible type of screen to use for theater environments and multi-purpose projection would be a high-contrast screen. What a high-contrast screen does is to make the darker colors easier to see because it lowers the light levels coming from the projector. Because of this, the viewer can also experience sharper color separation. This also reduces blurs, rainbows, and screen doors or pixelation (where an image appears as if it were a screen door.) Where the color and separation of an image remains fixed for a duration on the screen, low-level contrast screens are good enough. Images can be displayed properly and clearly this way. This type of projector screen displays edges of static images clearly without blurs or distortions. Another common type of projector screen is the whiteboard. Whiteboard technology has experienced some breakthroughs that now they are being manufactured with a view to functioning as proper projector screens. We now have smart, interactive whiteboards which has the ability to interact with a computer-based presentation. Though not primarily suited for home theater viewing, the whiteboard is a very powerful business tool as a programmable piece of hardware. Paint can function as a good projector screen for homes. Paint has its obvious advantages, though not everyone might find it exciting. Cleaning paint on walls is a very simple task. You can easily paint the projection screen on the wall using highly reflective paint. This can only be painted over white walls. Dark colored walls are more difficult to cover over, so this might not work on dark colored walls. It is easy to understand why a lot of people choose paint for their projector screens because it is a lot cheaper and easier to maintain.

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