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What Are The Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Janitorial Services? When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your office, you definitely would want someone else to take that responsibility. A clean office is not just about having to present a pleasant environment to your clients but it also gives you and your staff a more favorable and comfortable place to work in. The best way of making sure your office is clean and properly maintained is by hiring a janitorial service; however, bear in mind that not everyone out there is living up to the task. To be sure you don’t end up hiring the wrong people for the job, you must avoid making these common mistakes. 1 – Deciding to hire non pros.
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Though there are hundreds of cleaners and cleaning companies out there, the truth is only a very few can show proof that they are trained for the job. If you don’t know it yet, janitorial services are allowed to hire and employ non-professional cleaners, so if you come across them and you decide to hire them, you might end up getting disappointed by their subpar performance.
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2 – Selecting the janitorial service with the lowest price bid. We’re not actually discouraging you from hiring janitorial services and thinking about getting the lowest price from it. What we’re telling you instead is that it’s wrong to hire a company based exclusively on the low price they’re offering. Yes, the lowest bid seems to be the most logical choice at first, but remember that there is good reason why one company’s offer is very low compared to the others and that usually is because the cleaning standard is quite low. 3 – Failing to do some background check on the prospective janitorial service. While it certainly will take some time and effort, doing a background check will guarantee that you’re hiring a legitimate company, not a fly-by-night type of contractor. Background checks involve asking for references, talking to previous clients, and even digging records of customer complaints, in case there are any. 4 – Agreeing to the terms of the contract and signing it even without reading. Finally, never agree to anything, most especially pay upfront without reading the contract for the work to be done. It’s as basic as it can get, but many people fall prey to agreeing to something that they actually didn’t talk about with the janitorial service. Because there can be many things that could be included in a typical janitorial service, everything you want from them must be all laid out in the contract and in detail.

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